A Cycling Expedition from Paris to Dakar


Kuch Khaas presents Shamoon Qureshi, a Pakistani cyclist athlete who led a group of cyclists to cycle over 5,500 km across two continents from Paris to Dakar for a good cause! Each member of the team comes from a different background with different interests. Six countries in 80 days.The cycling expedition was to raise awareness for Action Against Hunger, to play with the sense of adventure and to motivate other students to embark on similar expeditions. BIOGRAPHY Shamoon Qureshi grew up in Islamabad and studied in Headstart School. He received a scholarship at the age of sixteen enabling him to attend Gordontoun School in Northern Scotland. This opportunity exploited his adventurous spirit and eventually took part in multiple expeditions into the Scottish Highlands, sailed in the Tall Ships race between Finland and Lithuania and crewed the boat back to its port in Scotland. Shamoon finished Gordontoun as the head boy in 2010 and joined Imperial College London where he is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Before the expedition Shamoon’s cycling experience was very limited, hence undertaking a 6000km journey as team leader provided a particularly exciting new challenge.