A glance at Sufi Music – Lecture by Dr. Pierre-Alain Baud (France)

“There are many ways leading to God within, I chose the music and the dance path” (Jalal-el-Dîn Rumi) About the presenter: Dr. Pierre-Alain Baud will sustain his views from his blended life experiences, first as a volunteer and a staff person with several community development NGO’s, then as a journalist and a human sciences researcher, and currently as an action-research academic cum international cultural promoter. In the subcontinent, his main focus relates on investigating and promoting South-Asian mystical poetry, music and dance related expressions. He is the author of a number of articles, CD booklets and books on these issues, the last one being a biography of the late Pakistani Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, with whom he worked over several years. This book, initially released in French, is about to be published in Urdu from Lahore, and in English from Delhi. He is currently the art director of Arts Nomades non-profit research and promotion venture, as well as an associated researcher with the ‘World Religions and Culture’ Department of Dhaka University, and used to work with the Sindhology Department of Sindh University, Pakistan.