Baithak: Urdu Storytelling


Kuch Khaas brings you ‘Baithak’ to revive the lost art form of Urdu storytelling. Baithak will come in a series of episodes every month. Beginning with Patras Bukhari’s all-time famous story ‘Marhoom Ki Yaad Main’ and Habib Jalib’s revolutionary poetry, the second episode of Baithak comes alive with Taimur Rehman & Tahira Jamal where they narrate Saadat Hassan Manto’s most famous stories Toba Tek Singh & Ullu Ka Pattha respectively. Storytelling, some of us refer to it as Dastaan-Goi, is a compound of two Persian words Dastaan and Goi which means to tell a Dastaan. Urdu is a rich language and we have some exceptional people enriching it with their words. Sa’adat Hasan Manto, Patras Bokhari, Ibne Insha, Molvi Rodolvi, Mushtaq Yousafi are a few noted names. In this Baithak, we intend to share their literature and also exceptional poetry by Faraz, Amjad Aslam Amjad, Parveen Shakir, and many more.