Book Launch – “Mirrors and Songs” by Shahbaz Ehsani

‘MIRRORS AND SONGS’ is an excellent reflection of Afghan women’s sentiments born out of a protracted and atrocious conflict – all translated beautifully by Shahbaz – transmitting the feelings of women, who usually are the worst sufferers in conflict. Without putting himself in the shoes of the victims, such soul-touching translation wouldn’t be possible. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shahbaz Ehsani is a writer, translator and management consultant. Over the last 10 years he took an interest in modern Afghan literature and has been translating the works of Afghan writers and poets. He presented the poetry of Afghan women at various venues including the Canadian Authors Association, the Asian Study Group (Islamabad) and universities. His early work and translations appeared in literary magazines in Iran in 1960s. He was the first to introduce E.E. Cummings to Persian speaking world by his translation of excerpts from Cummings’ 100 Selected Poems in 1967. He was a member of the translation team of Tehran University Institute for Economic Research from 1967 to1973 and for three years (1973-1976) acted as the Director of Translation Office of the Iranian Navy.