The atmosphere of a concert is something that cannot be replicated. Even if you see the same band again. Each live show or concert is going to have its own vibe and its own atmosphere. And everyone at the concert is going to experience it differently

Nothing beats the connection between a performer and the audience, and this exists at every single performance. It is, in fact, the essence of the performance itself.

Kuch Khaas has always been exceptional at bringing you some of the most incredible performances the city has seen so far, from Seven Eyes – Live in Islamabad, to the tribute to the late, great Amjad Sabri… we have it all covered !


Double Bajao – Sikandar Ka Mandar & Roots Live!

  Highlights of Double Bajao – Sikandar Ka Mandar & Roots Highlights of an amazing night! Sikandar ka Mandar and Roots rocked! Posted by Kuch Khaas – The Centre for Arts, Culture & Dialogue on Saturday, 24 February 2018 Kuch Khaas presents “Double Bajao!” a live concert by Sikandar Ka Mandar (SKM) and Roots! SKM…

Qawwali Night – Ally Adnan & Ghayoor, Moiz, Mustafa Qawwal

  Kuch Khaas brings you another night of mesmerizing, soulful, trance inducing qawwali. Performed by Ghayoor, Moiz, Mustafa Qawal, direct descendants of Miyan Samat Bin Ibrahim, the very first exponent of Khusrawi Qawwali. Also featuring the noted musicologist Ally Adnan, enlightening us on the history, art, and practice of Qawwali. The event featured a soulful qawwali performance…

Seven Eyes – Live in Islamabad

Performing for the first time in the Capital, Seven Eyes mesmerized the Kuch Khaas audience . This Duo has been enthusiastically received by live audiences across Europe, North America, Brazil and most recently Islamabad. Here is a glimpse into how the night unfolded!  Thank you to the Kuch Khaas Patrons for not letting anything stop them from being part…

Qawwali Night- Ustad Sher Ali Khan and Ustad Mehr Ali Khan

Highlights of Qawwali Night Highlights from a night of mysticism and music. Bravo Mehr Ali & Sher Ali Qawwalii Posted by Kuch Khaas – The Centre for Arts, Culture & Dialogue on Wednesday, 14 June 2017   Ustad Sher Ali Khan and Ustad Meher Ali Khan are two prominent names in Urdu qawwali. The brothers,…

Mahogany Jones Tour 2016 Kuch Khaas had the pleasure of hosting the Mahogany Jones Experience together with U.S. Embassy Pakistan in association with American Voices in-line with the “16 days of activism against gender-based violence”. The tour entailed workshops, concerts, a talk and interactive sessions with college/university students in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

Launch of The Stadium

Kuch Khaas presents the launch ceremony of The Stadium – a new sports arena in Islamabad with performances by Daanish Farhan U. Qureshii and Uzair Jaswal followed by a 7-Aside Footie Tournament. The tournament continued till Sunday, 27th November where the Champions and Best Players were decided!  

Tribute to Amjad Sabri

Islamabad paid tribute to the Legend Amjad Sabri with a night of Qawwali. A performance by Ustad Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad.

Independence Day Concert 2015

  On the Independence Day, we celebrated with Uzair Jaswal & Lahu live at Kuch Khaas. Watch the first part of the event. Pakistan Zindabad!!!  

Desi Karaoke Night

Our fun filled, family entertainment, karaoke nights are here once again. Here are some highlights from the event.

Sikandar Ka Mandar and Shorbanoor LIVE AT KUCH KHAAS

Watch the highlights of the event. Sponsored by Lussun Tv and Patari  

NAQSH: Live at Kuch Khaas

Winner of Battle of the Bands at LUMS Music Fest multiple times as well as numerous awards all over Pakistan, NAQSH the band played live at Kuch Khaas, watch the highlights of the event.

OMG Apna Ishtyl

At OMG! (Oh My Gig!), we provide up and coming musicians with a platform to perform in front of a live audience at Kuch Khaas. Check out the highlights from OMG – Apna Ishtyl, just one of the many thematic open mic night programme that is Oh My Gig!

Marmalade Session Jazz Special

  This Marmalade Sessions brought you an intimate night of Jazz music. Whether you’re feeling blue or want to relive a great night of fun. Watch the highlights of the World Jazz Day Marmalade event.  

A Night of Classical & Jazz Fusion

Kuch Khaas and IPAC present “A Night of Classical & Jazz Fusion”. UpBeat, performing live. An eclectic mix of classical music with soulful jazz. Our performers of the evening were the amazing trio, Qurban Niazi, Sarfraz Khan and the Gerry Sholomenko.

Tears for Peshawar

Sneaky Pete returns to Kuch Khaas for the 3rd time with his band KHAAS COLLABORATION to present an evening dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of Peshawar. The official launching “TEARS FOR PESHAWAR” song as a tribute to the victims of the tragedy. The lineup of the band consisted of Sneaky Pete (vocals &…

OMG Pop Divas!

  Madonna, J-Lo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna…no matter how much we deny it or claim otherwise, we all know at least some of their songs by heart. (Yes, you do too!) At OMG! (Oh My Gig!), we provide up and coming musicians with a platform to perform in front of a…

Mahapon Clang – Live in Concert

  The German-Indian band Mahaphon Clang performed at Kuch Khaas on Friday evening, rounding off their whirlwind tour in the country. The concert was organised in collaboration with Goethe-Institut. The band members are: Ramesh Shotham on percussion and vocals, brothers Jan F and Matthias Kurth on vocals and electric guitar respectively , Lutz Streun on…

Djuice Marmalade Sessions – Valentine’s Special

This month’s event was dedicated to Valentine’s Day where our audience members with their special someones were treated to an evening of live music with a four-course meal prepared by our chefs at The Lime Tree. Keeping in line with the theme, audience members were also able to request songs as dedications, capture the memory…

Heralding Spring with Music

Kuch Khaas hosted an evening of classical music performed by the students of Ustad Sultan Fateh Ali Khan. The performance offered a variety of basant raagas, ghazals, geet and Sufi music. Ustad Sultan Fateh Ali Khan kicked off the evening with the Basant Raag.

Building on a Common Ground – Benefit Concert!

Kuch Khaas, in collaboration with the Cultures in Harmony (CIH) & Institute for Preservation of Arts & Culture (IPAC) brought you ‘Building on a Common Ground’ – a concert to benefit Aware Girls. To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015, CiH traveled to ten of the countries where it has worked in a project inspired…

Berlin to Lahore – Live in Concert!

Kuch Khaas and Goethe Institute brought you an exciting concert by German & Pakistani band, Berlin to Lahore as part of their Pakistan tour. Let’s relive the memories they made with us here.

Djuice Marmalade Sessions: Indie-Folk Special

For this month’s event, we loaded our jam jar with some indie folk. Starting off in the 90’s and gaining popularity through the 2000’s, this contemporary blend of indie rock and classic country tunes made the hipster inside our audience members sway while they cherished the tempting treats prepared for them by our chefs at…

Djuice Drumming Circle

After a couple of months hiatus, Kuch Khaas presented the return of our weekly Djuice Drumming Circle! We are dedicated to using the universal language of percussive music and dance for creative self-expression. In doing so, we encourage cultural awareness, embrace diversity, and promote harmony through rhythm every Wednesday at Kuch Khaas.  

Saturn – Naya Din’s Press Release

Saturn Islamabad’s Pioneer Rock Band released their highly anticipated Debut Album “Naya Din” Islamabad, Pakistan – Locally renowned band “Saturn” have launched their debut album “Naya Din” on the 7th of April, 2013. Having performed the 9 songs of the album extensively for almost 8 years people are well aware of what to expect from…

Marmalade Sessions

Kuch Khaas invites you to get a taste of this month’s serving with ‘Bakshi Brothers’ and ‘Ali & Usman’. An emerging group of young musicians hailing from traditional musical families, the Bakshi Brothers are related to Bakshi Salamat Qawwal. Their gripping music features traditional sufi, folk and classical songs alongside the use of contemporary instruments…

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