Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. Along with the aesthetic and symbolic value, dance brings you the oldest and one of the most universal forms of storytelling. A participation into the cultures of our country, our people and all others that exist. From Tango to Attan; all dance represents an art form that has existed longer than the stories we have even managed to remember.

Our love for dance, much like all performing arts, runs deep and the poetry of motion will always have a place at Kuch Khaas.

We do Dance based events, lectures, discussion as well as classes at the Kuch Khaas Academy

Many Kuch Khaas events feature dance performances by our very gifted dance instructors and their students. In addition, Kuch Khaas also conducts the Dance Crew Program, which tours schools and colleges to find the best dancers in the city


Kuch Khaas Dance Crew. crew, in the traditional sense, are a group of people who grow together over time because they share a common passion – the dance. That is exactly how we do it at Kuch Khaas. The crew tours through schools and colleges looking for the best dancers to join them. When they move, you end up doing the same


Kuch Khaas Got Talent

Got a skill that is unmatched? Kuch Khaas Got Talent (KKGT) hunts for people with all sorts of talent, all over the twin cities for a big showdown. We call on different acts such as comedians, actors, voiceover artists, painters, jugglers, poets, dancers and so on, making for the most eclectic talent show around.

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Dance Classes at Kuch Khaas are simply a way to give YOU a platform to let out your inner dancer. With classes ranging from Bharatnatyam to Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance, there is no way that you can avoid finding your beat.

Dance @ Kuch Khaas

PechaKucha Nights Vol 5- Dance:Poetry in Motion

On International Dance Day 2018, Kuch Khaas celebrated this powerful art and medium of expression with not only PechaKucha presentations but also performances by some of the most prominent performers in the country. Featuring amazing performances by Gillian Rhodes, Iftikhar Masih, Imran Nafees, Wahab Shah, Asfandar Anis Khattak, Faizaan Ahab and Suhaee Abro, as well…

Workshop on Sufi and Contemporary Dance

The U.S. Embassy Islamabad and Kuch khaas jointly organised a two-day workshop on sufi and contemporary dance styles lead by the legendary dance teacher and choreographer Nighat Chaudhry, facilitated by Imran Nafees Siddiqui. This workshop was part of the 14th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Day Islamabad 2015    

‘NUQTA’ a night of music dance and poetry!

Kuch Khaas in collaboration with the U.S Embassy brought you “NUQTA” A special dance performance with live music and poetry, on the occasion of the 14th Daniel Pearl World Music Days 2015 “Harmony for Humanity”. It was Directed and Choreographed by Nighat Chaudhry, Creative Direction by Imran Nafees Siddiqui, Original Music Score composed by Faheem…


When we celebrate, not only do we celebrate in style…. WE GO BIG!!!! Picture gallery from International Dance Day Festival 2013  

A night out at the Tango!

Tango is a feeling you move to, a story that can be told in three minutes. It ́s passionate, it ́s tender. It is much more than just a dance. Tango is music, style, drama, culture, a city, a life and more… Kuch Khaas brings you a unique and genuine tango show, as it is…

Pushto Attan Classes @ Kuch Khaas

Bringing you the exciting Pushto Attan Dance classes held at Kuch Khaas. What is Pushto Attan?  It is a pashto dance which evolved in pashtun areas of Afghanistan (pashtun areas of Pakistan also included as before the treaty of durand line, it was a same territory) which has a long history dating back to 5000…

Hip Hop @ Kuch Khaas

Having seven years of experience in the field of hip hop street dancing in Glasgow with renowned choreographer Chris Parry of Best Kept Secret (BKS) Dance Crew, Zain teaches and shares his passion for dance in Islamabad. He believes in building confidence in individuals and to make them realize that dancing is all about having…

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