Documentary Launch: “Poles Apart”

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Kuch Khaas and Sungi Development Foundation launches ‘Poles Apart’ by Samar Minallah Khan.’Poles Apart’ is a 30 minutes long documentary highlighting the different aspects of marriages that are forced upon girls for social and cultural reasons.The aim of the documentary is to spread awareness around the issue of forced marriages in Pakistan. The documentary focuses on a specific form of forced marriages that are practice amongst the Diaspora community in order to maintain links with their roots or other social and cultural reasons.The documentary has been made by Samar Minallah Khan, an award winning documentary filmmaker who uses documentaries for social change and advocacy in Pakistan. For the last 15 years she has highlighted various forms of forced marriages including compensation marriages like Vani/Swara and early marriages.It also brings forth the issue of early marriages. As Filza narrates her story: I was pursuing my dreams of higher education. I was working to pay for my studies.On holiday in Pakistan with my grandmother I had this strange experience. Two families had reconciled their differences and wanted to be united through a marriage just like in the movies.