Double Sawari

Sometimes, just one performance isn’t really enough… so we turned it into a double bill of comedy!!!    Presenting Double Sawari – Two comedy specials, ONE NIGHT!

About the performers:

Malik Junaid: People call him JD because of his unique taste and aroma. His comedy tastes best when taken neat. JD is not funny. His life is. He has successfully not completed his engineering degree due to reasons unknown even to himself. JD moved to Karachi from Mianwali 2 years ago. Since then his list of failures has grown exponentially and now has three startups, multiple attempts at one relationship, a web show and God knows how many attempts at figuring out “Inception movie ki ending!!”

Usman Mazhar: An actor, teacher, trainer, writer and a stand-up comedian, Usman Mazhar is a man of many talents. Yet he continues to explore his expertise and the world. One thing is certain that he just doesn’t wanna settle. That’s why every night he sleeps on a different sidewalk. Just like the lyrics from a popular Junoon song “Chein ek pal nahi, aur koi hal nahi”