Book Launch – Ammar Masood’s “Aap”

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2018-09-13 17:30 - 2018-09-19 19:00
Sattar Bukhsh
Address: A9-Gol Market,Kohsar Road,F7/3 Islamabad, Pakistan

Kuch Khaas invites you to the launch of "Aap" by author, columnist Ammar Massod. The book launch will be held at Sattar Bukhsh, F-7/3 Islamabad from 5:30-7pm on Thursday September 13, 2018. The author will be joined by notable speakers such as Harris Khalique, Taimur Rehman and others.

“Aap” is a collection of a collection of Ammar Masood’s columns and comments on the literary, cultural, social matters of Pakistan. It delves deep into, and points out, societal aspects prevalent in today’s Pakistan that could not have been imagined 40 years ago. It explores the literary and cultural evolution of Pakistan and provides much food for thought for our upcoming generations.

About the Author:
Ammar Masood is currently a weekly columnist with Jang and has previously written for Dunya as well. He has also authored an anthology of short stories titled “Mohabbat Ka Neela Rang” in 2009. Mr. Masood has hosted TV shows for both PTV and Dunya and has been a Radio host on various programmes as well. He is also an experienced Media and Communications Consultant with an extensive experience in the development sector, advocacy campaigns, advertising, media management, and branding.

Testimonials from other authors and journalists:
Although I am entirely familiar with his name and position, Ammar Masood's writing has astonished me. His views on Pakistan's literary, cultural, social and ideological matters are not shallow in the least, and as a columnist, he has left many experts behind. Ammar does not follow the path of others, he goes into the depths and keeps blazing his own trail. He has a great abundance of strong emotions, but he does not let them overpower his sensibilities and facts. He does not believe in shouting out his existence, in fact - his individuality not only lets him win people over with his arguments but also makes a place for him in their hearts. May God bless him, for he has set his sights far beyond the stars.
- Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami

In his 4 years of column writing, Ammar has gone through a process of evolution. Imran Khan was once his "Hero". If not a hero, he had high hopes for the man. Like many others, he was disappointed. Now there are undertones of mourning in his writing. Although he has extreme views on several topics, he maintains them with a degree of balance. His personality has been weaved by people, friendship and God Almighty, and he will always be this way. Man's nature is after all his fate.
- Haroon Rasheed

Ammar Masood's writing presents a reflection of a Pakistan today that could not have been imagined in the 60's - with a scattered society and declining values. As such, through his columns and the ink of his pen, Ammar Masood has painted pictures of the society that require a special experience in research and study, which is all too visible in his writing. Our society considers quality simply on the basis of language and expression, even though the scientific world finds more importance on the identification of facts and problems and values a more critical view. Ammar has fulfilled this responsibility with the passion and cleverness that has eluded even seasoned columnists. The publishing of this book will create much ease for future researchers. If Ammar Massod continues down this path consistently, I am convinced that he will be extremely successful in fulfilling his moral responsibilities.
- Farrukh Sohail Goindi

Much like a stone thrown into still water creates ripples and movement, creates wave after wave - Ammar Masood's column creates movement in a still and stagnant society. His words not only hit home but create movement and instill hope in the reader. An incident or news that may not seem important to the ordinary person often gives birth to turbulence in Ammar's sensitive heart. His expression and flow, along with the eloquence with which he states the truth, pulls at the heartstrings of every reader.
- Professor Dr. Adeela Rashid