A talk on Harassment Prevention and Self Defense

Ehtisham Karim The founder and head coach for Fight Fortress Islamabad; Ehtisham has 1st degree black belts in Taekwondo and Kyokushin, and has trained for 3 years in freestyle fighting,under Master Nasir Ali. He has an amateur MMA record of 2 wins with no loss. He took the initiative of introducing Mixed Martial Arts in Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 2007. With a deep study and research of the modern freestyle combat sport, Ehtisham is a passionate and devoted practitioner and preacher of MMA. He opts to any means necessary in order to stay updated with the latest techniques and equips his students and team mates with the most effective techniques and methods of Mixed Martial Arts. Ehtisham’s fighting system comprises of techniques from styles which are ignored by the conventional MMA Gurus. He is a certified MMA instructor under PAK MMA, and a strong ally of the organization. What we will be talking about at the Harassment Prevention Workshop: Definition of Abuse and Harassment Signs of Abuse and Harassment Developing Protection Policies for Your Safety While Hiring Household Help; Selection and Screening Take Action – Step Up – Do Not Let Fear Take Control