Hip Hop @ Kuch Khaas

Having seven years of experience in the field of hip hop street dancing in Glasgow with renowned choreographer Chris Parry of Best Kept Secret (BKS) Dance Crew, Zain teaches and shares his passion for dance in Islamabad. He believes in building confidence in individuals and to make them realize that dancing is all about having fun and living life to the maximum. He recognizes the raw talent this country has and feels assured that this was one of the best dance classes, Islamabad offered. Zain Sadiq says, “Bending and molding the raw dance talent of Islamabad can give a new image to Pakistani hip-hop street dance and I feel very excited to take this forward.” Course Outlook Every class began with body warm ups and stretching. Street Dance Freestyle(Hip-Hop) Body Popping Isolations Crip walk(Basic steps) Hand Tutting Waving Dance Routines Humorous Routines Story Line Routines


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