Insolent Knights: Thespionage!

Insolent Knights return for a show jam packed with the same kind of madness we have always delivered. This time’s theme: Thespionage. We’re taking over the world… or at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves. You dont know who we are? Once upon a time, in a land called Islu, two tiny chicas suddenly had a massive brainwave: “Why don’t we create a show that welcomes actors, poets, singers, dancers, writers, and anyone else who would like to join us, and give Islu some much-needed fresh material?”. They decided to call it Insolent Night. The Tiny Two (Tulin Khalid-Azim and Natasha Ejaz) gathered their friends, and put on a show, and thus, on January 11th, 2008, the first ever Insolent Night came to life, kicking and screaming, and clearly irreverent towards the stuffy conventions that threatened to put the lid on Islamabad’s infant theatre scene. Since May 2010, the Knights have found a home at Kuch Khaas, and are eternally grateful to the KK team and Shayan Afzal Khan for showing support and faith in what the Knights do.