“Insolent Knights”



The “Insolent Knights” (formerly Insolent Night) consist of a very dedicated group of performers and creative minds, who have, over the past four and a half years, performed at various venues in Islamabad. The brainchild of the Tiny Two (Tulin Khalid-Azim and Natasha Humera Ejaz), the Insolent Knights aimed at welcoming people from all walks of life, to create a show that was irreverent towards the stuffy theatrical conventions in Islamabad, and bring a new style of entertainment to the capital. Over the years, the IK family has grown, and, since May 2010, the Knights are proud to call Kuch Khaas their home. This June, they are honored and excited to celebrate Kuch Khaas’s 2nd Anniversary. Please join us for a night of merry mayhem as IK celebrates Y2KK