Instrumental Ecstasy – Concert 6

The Institute for Preservation of Art and Culture and KuchKhaasbring youthe final concert of a six part series of concerts where you shall be taken on an exciting journey to discover the melodic brilliance of the Indian subcontinent through Classical Instrumental Music. The classical music of the subcontinent is one of the oldest unbroken musical traditions in the world. Its origins go back to the Vedic Period (roughly 1500 BC to 500 BC). Featuring instrument : Rubab The Rubab, also known as “the lion of instruments” is a short necked lute-like folk musical instrument commonly found in northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Rubab is probably the most popular instrument from the Pakhtun folk tradition and has become an icon of North WestFrontier of Pakistan. We are lucky to have Ustad Mazhar Hasan Shaggan to play Classical music from the North Indian tradition on the Rabab. Mazhar Shaggan is one of the leading Rubab players of Pakistan and has the distinction of developing his unique playing style on the Rubab by adapting this traditional folk instrument for North Indian classical music. Mazhar hails from the Gwalior Gharana of classical music and has received training under his father, the vocal maestro GhulamHasanShaggan. Mazhar has served at Pakistan Radio in Peshawar and Lahore and has performed at numerous national and international forums where he has received acclaim from wide ranging audiences. He is also an accomplished mandolin player and composer. Artists:UstadMazharHasanShagganon Rubab accompanied by Ustad Muhammad Ajmal on Tabla.