International Women’s Day : Make it happen

We celebrated the International Women’s Day this year by celebrating the young talented girls of our city. Filmakers Sarah Khan and Mahnoor Omer, 16 and 14 years of age respectively, screened their social documentaries on women’s issues that have received international attention and acclaim. Their message was simple, use any medium available to you, connect with the people around you and tell the stories that need to be told and you will have lasting positive impact on the issues close to your hearts. You can watch their movies amongst others by young girls worlwide on : Anam Abbas, the producer of Zunn – Showgirls of Pakistan, also spoke about her experiences with storytelling and filmmaking to inspire the young audience. The event also featured song & dance performed on fun women oriented tunes and the girls got together to paint a mural to mark the day. Purple glazed cupcakes and chocolates were distributed to end the event. It was well attended despite the weather in Islamabad today and we at Kuch Khaas were particularly happy with the turnout of young boys who participated in the celebrations and gave out red roses to all the women and girls present to show their appreciation.