Introduction to Permaculture by Ali Tariq and Magnus Wolfe

Kuch Khaas invites you for a presentation on the potential of permaculture in Pakistan. Discussion will cover the principles of permaculture design along with inspiring examples of successful projects from around the world. Come and learn how permaculture provides innovative solutions to improve people’s capacity to deal with major problems regarding sustainability. Permaculture is a way of creating sustainable food production by employing natural design patterns to create highly productive organic gardens that can enhance soil fertility, restore biodiversity, and enable year-round access to fresh fruit and vegetables. Permaculture Design principles can also be applied to an individual, a home, a farm, a village or community, and beyond. The talk will be followed by a “Conversation Cafe” style discussion giving everyone a chance to express and discuss their own views and ideas. This introductory session will be led by Ali Tariq, a permaculture designer and Magnus Wolfe Murphy, a humanitarian aid worker from DFID, that has been working with dozens of flood- affected communities in Sindh. Magnus will discuss a community restoration project implemented by ACTED that includes the construction of 5,000 flood-resistant houses. 5,000 kitchen gardens, and planting of over 100,000 fruit trees. One of the major components of the project is the introduction of permaculture design as an ecological approach that offers food security, better economics and community resilience.