Laugh Out Loud – Part Deux

Kuch Khaas brings you another serving of Laugh Out Loud. After their successful improvisational performance, Room for Improv-ment is coming back to Isloo for a two-day performance. A stand up routine will be followed by improvisational comedy with all new content on both days. ‘ROOM FOR IMPROV-MENT’ COMPRISES OF THE FOLLOWING: *Shehzad Ghias – A LUMS Graduate. Founder of the same comedy troupe and a youth based theatre production company. Writer/Performer on an upcoming TV show on AAJ TV. *Shah Fahad – Founder of Dramaducation. Having won 15 national inter university awards for his theatrical performances he’s a great actor, entertainer, comedian, writer, director and an improviser. *Danyal Talat Malick – Lyricist and percussionist of Beyghirat Brigade. Theatre Coach in LGS.