Laugh Out loud

After successful performances in Lahore and Karachi ‘ROOM FOR IMPROV-MENT’ are coming all the way from Lahore, to tickle your funny bone. If you enjoyed watching ‘WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY’ then you’ll surely love this. The improvisers will be enthralling you in both, English and Urdu. ‘ROOM FOR IMPROV-MENT’ COMPRISES OF THE FOLLOWING: *Shehzad Ghias – Founder of the same comedy troupe and a youth based theatre production company. He’s been involved in theatre and comedy for the past 7 years and is also working as a drama teacher. *Shah Fahad — Having won 15 national inter university awards for his theatrical performances he’s a great actor, entertainer, comedian, writer, director and an improviser. *Danyal Talat Malick — Lyricist and percussionist of Beyghirat Brigade *Murad — Comedy writer