“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, ‘O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?’ Answer: That you are here – that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse” – Dead Poets Society (1989 film)

Kuch Khaas is turning out to be the Book Launch capital. We have had book launches for authors from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, including the like of Raza Rumi, Harris Khalique and many of Pakistan’s very own literary icons

We not only host book launches by local and international authors but also holds talks and seminars by authors, academics, and journalists on subjects of literary or philosophical interest as well as current affairs.

It’s not all about established authors though…

The Open Letters Forum, a local writers’ initiative, moderates the Writer’s Guild at Kuch Khaas, in which up-and-coming writers meet and share their work and offer constructive critique. Open Letters also coordinates a regular poetry reading and spoken word event called the Reader’s Theatre.

The lost art of storytelling has also been revived at Kuch Khaas, with the Monthly Baithak, in which participates narrate classic tales from Urdu literature. Local non-profit Lettuce Bee Kids also holds Storytelling Saturdays at Kuch Khaas, in which volunteers from the community read stories to underprivileged children.

Qissa khawani, Khaas ki zubani



Baithak promotes Urdu culture and ‘adab’ among our youth and community. We encourage everyone to showcase their oral story-telling, poetry and recitation talents in Urdu, as well as in regional languages

Storytelling Saturdays

Storytelling Saturdays

Storytelling Saturdays brings the art of storytelling to life for children, and listeners of all ages. Traditional and new stories in different languages from around the globe are shared, as well as selections from our vast Children’s Library. Encourage the love of reading and storytelling in your little ones!

Sudh Budh

Sudh Budh

Sudh Budh brings the best of Pakistan’s Art, Culture and Literature in its effort to sensitize the community to our rich cultural heritage. We showcase contemporary arts and literature in Pakistan

Literature @ Kuch Khaas

Book Launch – Naima Rashid’s “Defiance of the Rose”

Kuch Khaas is proud to present the book launch of Naima Rashid’s translations of Perveen Shakir’s poetry, titled “Defiance of the Rose”. Joining us on the panel for the launch, author and columnist Harris Khalique, and journalist and TV Host Amber Rahim Shamsi About the Author: Ms Naima Rashid is an author, poet, and literary…

Book Launch – “Land of Beauty, Land of Pain” by Matthew Vaughan

Kuch Khaas organized the book launch of Matthew Vaughan’s “Land of Beauty, Land of Pain”, at Sattar Buksh About the Author:  After graduating from Oxford University, Vaughan has been living in Pakistan for the last eight years, working for a Christian charity, and has experienced great hospitality and beauty in this country. Yet almost all…

“No Fortunes to Tell” by Harris Khalique

“The launch of Harris Khalique’s book of poetry was a enlightening and memorable affair. Hosted by Kuch Khaas at Sattar Buksh on 2nd May, 2019, here are a few moments from that evening.” From “No Fortunes to Tell” by Harris Khalique. Posted by Kuch Khaas – The Centre for Arts, Culture & Dialogue on 5/07/2019…

Book Launch – Ammar Masood’s “Aap”

Kuch Khaas organized the book launch of Ammar Masood’s new book, titled “Aap”, at Sattar Buksh. “Aap” is a collection of a collection of Ammar Masood’s columns and comments on the literary, cultural, social matters of Pakistan. It delves deep into, and points out, societal aspects prevalent in today’s Pakistan that could not have been…

Book Launch – “Rakaposhi Ke Saaye Mein” by Saad Munawar

Presenting the amazing book launch for Saad Munawar’s “Rakaposhi ke saaye mein”. The book is a story and travel guide based on the adventures of 6 friends who decided to find their way to Rakaposhi – “The Queen of the Mountains”. Featuring some epic scenery and a whole lot of passion, the book launch became…

Book Launch – “Being Pakistani” by Raza Rumi

Kuch Khaas organized the launch of Raza Rumi’s new book “Being Pakistani: Society, Culture & The Arts” on 19th July, 2018. Moderated by Haris Khalique, the panel of speakers included Kishwar Naheed and Ali Dayan Hassan. Here are a few moments from the event.    

Mein Bhi Pakistan Hoon

A Book Talk To mark 23rd March, Pakistan Day, Kuch Khaas celebrated the diversity that is definitive of Pakistan, that is as indigenous as our mangoes, that is Made in Pakistan, that is featured on our national symbol: The White in the Flag Two authors were featured in Mein Bhi Pakistan Hoon ; Lynette Viccaji…

Book Launch: Selena and Lara Travel the World

Travel, foreign lands, and Santa Claus! Enough to pique anyone’s curiosity, especially little kids’. A blend of all these and more is Sadia Khan’s book Selena and Lara Travel the World, Lapland, Finland. Why Finland? Because it has thousands of lakes (188,000) !! and 179,500 Islands! It’s also a very sunny land, as in the…

Book Launch – “The Weary Generations” by Abdullah Hussein

Raza Naeem talks about the World Book Day and introduces the book The Weary Generation by Abduallah Hussein. Posted by Bilal Faruk on Sunday, 23 April 2017 Book Launch of “The Weary Generations” (Udaas Naslein) by Abdullah Hussein: Raza Naeem in conversation with writer and critic Harris Khaliquee followed by a question-answer session and book signing.…

Jashn E Azadi Mushaira

Poets have played an instrumental role throughout our journey as a nation, from the likes of Iqbal and Faiz to contemporary poets who are keeping the flame alive today. Celebrating Independence Day with an evening of poetry with a wide range of Poets sharing their work, Presided over by Kishwar Naheed, and moderated by Syed…

An Isolated Incident – Excerpts Reading by Author Soniah Kamal

An Isolated Incident is a story of haunting memories and yearnings of a home lost, of a faith continuously tested and questioned and of a love that blossoms against all odds. Zari Zoon, a vivacious girl from Kashmir, is looking forward to marrying her fiancé when tragedy strikes. Next thing she knows, she’s on a…

BAITHAK: ‘Yaadon Ki Baraat’ with Iftikhar Arif

Kuch Khaas brings you ‘Baithak’ to revive the lost art form of Urdu storytelling. This month we brought you the life and works of the great revolutionary poet and prose writer of all ages, Josh Malihabadi.

Shaam-e-Sukhan (2013)

Theatre Wallay, in collaboration with Kuch Khaas, present their annual feature, Bazm e Sukhan 2013. This year, the event includes both Urdu poetry n prose, with a political theme. To spice it up further, the prose includes both satire and humour. Join us and enjoy the readings reflecting upon the current political scenario as written…

Sudh Budh

  Sudh Budh launches the new poetry collection of Ali Akbar Natiq – Yaqut ke Warq, the second collection of verse by Ali Akbar Natiq.


SAADAT HASSAN MANTO (May 11, 1912 – January 18, 1955) ‘Manto chronicled the chaos that prevailed, during and after the partition of India 1947. Since he started his literary career translating works of literary giants, such as Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and Russian writers such as Chekov and Gorky, their collective influence made him search for his own…