Mein Bhi Pakistan Hoon

A Book Talk
To mark 23rd March, Pakistan Day, Kuch Khaas celebrated the diversity that is definitive of Pakistan, that is as indigenous as our mangoes, that is Made in Pakistan, that is featured on our national symbol: The White in the Flag

Two authors were featured in Mein Bhi Pakistan Hoon ; Lynette Viccaji who hails from Pakistan’s capital of yesteryears Karachi and Mobeen Ansari from the present capital Islamabad. The talk was moderated by Harris Khalique.

Lynette Viccaji, author of Made in Pakistan, was born in Karachi where she has spent most of her life, with 6 years spent in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She has been putting her B.Ed and Masters degree in English Literature to use by teaching for over thirty years. She married Ardeshir Viccaji in 1981 and has a son, 2 daughters and at least four assorted animals. Her debut novel Made in Pakistan is a memoir of growing up in the Catholic Pakistani community. It is a record of changing times, of a world that is almost lost.

Mobeen Ansari is a photojournalist, painter and sculptor based in Islamabad. A graduate of the National College of Arts Rawalpindi, his mission is to promote a positive and often unseen side of his country through his photographs. Challenged with the loss of hearing, Mobeen is keenly observant of his surroundings and translates them visually through different media. He is the author of two books, Dharkan, The Heartbeat of a Nation and The White in the Flag.

Harris Khalique, based in Islamabad, is a critically acclaimed and internationally recognised poet in Urdu and English. He has eight collections of verse and a book of creative non-fiction behind him. He has actively participated in social, labour, women and minority rights movements and community development in voluntary and professional capacities.