‘POETRY ALBUM’ presents an overview of Pakistani poetry in English by modern poets living and writing in Pakistan as well as the diaspora. Although the focus will be on current work, the selection will be interspersed with poems by early post -Partition poets such as Taufiq Rafat, Daud Kamal and Maki Qureshi, and established, living poets such as Alamgir Hashmi, Waqas Khwaja and Zulfikar Ghose. This will give listeners an idea of the variety and development of English poetry penned by Pakistanis. Some of the readings will be culled from Vallum, a Canadian poetry journal which earlier this year published a special issue, Poets from Pakistan, guest edited by Blaine Marchand, a prize winning Canadian poet, and Ilona Yusuf. The moderator, Ilona Yusuf, will give a brief introduction to the poets and the tradition of English poetry in Pakistan, while the panel, comprised of male and female voices, will render the selected poems! Ilona Yusuf is a poet and printmaker.Her poems have been published in book form (Picture This, 2001) and thereafter in literary journals in Pakistan and abroad. She freelances for several magazines, writing on art and literature. In her artwork she integrates word and image, using her prints and poems to make artists’ books, recently exhibited at ‘Art Chowk- The Gallery’, Karachi. You can check her work on ilonayusuf.blogspot.com