Pushto Attan Classes @ Kuch Khaas

Bringing you the exciting Pushto Attan Dance classes held at Kuch Khaas.

What is Pushto Attan?  It is a pashto dance which evolved in pashtun areas of Afghanistan (pashtun areas of Pakistan also included as before the treaty of durand line, it was a same territory) which has a long history dating back to 5000 years. It is usually performed in an open vast ground in the presence of dhol (drum) and surna (piper). The dance is performed in a circle shape comprised of dancers ranging from 2 (at least) to some hundred in numbers, depending upon the vastness of area and the event. In the beginning, the dance is slow and can be considered a warm up session but it gradually becomes fast along with the changing rthym of the beat.” Attan is performed by both males and females but they have many distinguishing factors i.e. style, pace, time duration, and the circular motion of the dancer on its own axis. Masculine attan also known as male attan is obviously not similar to that of feminine one because of the fact that females have limited area to perform i.e. inside the house and males have an opportunity to perform it in the open grounds. The time duration of pashto attan varies from somewhere 15 minutes to some hours depending upon the stamina of the dancers. Most of the times, the dancers are seen wearing a muffler (in the form of a belt) on their lower back. This is done so to prevent any kind of injury pertaining to back as the dance requires sudden movements from side to side which can be dangerous in many instances. There is no mandatory dress for attan but on special occasions like weddings, or some other pashtun festivals, the dancers wear a special pashto nomadic style dress also known as gagrai also seen in the khattak dance (which is also one form of pashto attan).

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