Qawwali Night – Ally Adnan & Ghayoor, Moiz, Mustafa Qawwal


Kuch Khaas brings you another night of mesmerizing, soulful, trance inducing qawwali. Performed by Ghayoor, Moiz, Mustafa Qawal, direct descendants of Miyan Samat Bin Ibrahim, the very first exponent of Khusrawi Qawwali. Also featuring the noted musicologist Ally Adnan, enlightening us on the history, art, and practice of Qawwali. The event featured a soulful qawwali performance by Ghayoor, Moiz, Mustafa Qawwal and was accompanied by a presentation on the history, art, and practice of qawwali by the renowned musicologist Mr. Ally Adnan. Here are a few moments from that night.