SEVEN – A documentary theatre piece about 7 influential women leaders.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Kuch Khaas in collaboration with US Embassy, presents a performance of SEVEN. A documentary theatre piece that follows the lives of 7 influential women leaders. Directed by Pakistani-American playwright, Aizzah Fatima and co-star of Insolent Nights, Tulin Khalid-Azim About Aizzah Fatima: Ms. Fatima is an actress/writer based in NYC. She is a graduate of the two year conservatory at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she performed in productions such as Dear Brutus, Last Summer At Bluefish Cove, and Northshore Fish. Her favorite performances include the original ensemble piece Ripe For The Picking, which tackled human rights violations issues around the world as well as Insler’s Vagina Monologues at The Abingdon Theatre. She also performs with Trickster Theatre at Exit Art. Aizzah has appeared on TV in season two of the Food Network’s Food Detectives. Dirty Paki Lingerie is the first solo show she has written. She currently studies with the acclaimed Wynn Handman. SEVEN is a documentary theatre piece based on verbatim extracts from personal interviews with seven extraordinary women who are working to effect major change in the world. Vital Voices Global Partnership (, a remarkable NGO based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to fostering global progress through investing in women leaders, works with these women leaders in their struggle for human rights.