Shaam-e-Sukhan (2013)

Theatre Wallay, in collaboration with Kuch Khaas, present their annual feature, Bazm e Sukhan 2013. This year, the event includes both Urdu poetry n prose, with a political theme. To spice it up further, the prose includes both satire and humour. Join us and enjoy the readings reflecting upon the current political scenario as written by the greats of Urdu literature! About Theatre Wallay: As a group of people with a passion for theatre and literature, ‘Theatre Wallay’ is a company consisting of amateur artists, including actors, directors, writers, graphic artists, set designers and technicians. Since 2005, the group has put up on average two plays a year, including works such as “The First and the Last”, “No Exit”, “Tartuffe” and “The Lesson”. They perform plays from world literature in both English and Urdu.