Success With Social Media – II


Social Media is a red hot buzz word right now with more than a million searches each month. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and blogs are platforms for interacting with other people on the internet. Business-owners, bloggers, social activists are all using the power of social media sites to get the word out. How can you get your voice heard using this tool and/or make a profit? Kuch Khaas has put together an interactive panel discussion which will be moderated by Qurratulain ‘Annie’ Zaman, Media Consultant at Friedrich Ebert Stifung. Other guests on the panel are Shahzad Ahmad, Country Representative for BytesForAll; Maria Umar, Founder & President of Women’s Digial League and Saad Hamid, Blogger at and curator of TEDxMargalla. In the end, a short video named ‘Digital’ will be showcased. The video is on Social Media and has been made by Annie Zaman & Myles Tweedie. It will be followed by a 30-mins networking session during which you can meet the speakers one on one and ask them questions.