Who we are


Kuch Khaas, The Centre for Arts, Culture and Dialogue, a not-for-profit social enterprise, is a community space for interaction, public discourse, cultural and intellectual pursuits, and civic engagement. Do you dream of a better society? So do we. And we want to give you the platform to make it happen.

Open our doors and you’ll find like-minded, strong-willed individuals ready to change the world, one gig, exhibition, or class at a time, and welcome new thought and action. As enthusiasts of art, music, poetry, philosophy, ethical precepts, human rights and democracy, the Kuch Khaas team felt that we needed to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and do more than just talk about the Pakistan we want.

Our team at Kuch Khaas brings together multifaceted perspectives in pursuit of our goals of youth empowerment, community outreach, and general social awareness. We seek to actively promote arts, culture and intellectual engagement as instruments of social change.


“Think globally. Act locally.”


So come on over to Kuch Khaas.


Reach out. Be heard.


What we do


Kuch Khaas is a center of Arts and Culture. We are organised around a central idea of culture , not as a static being to be worshipped but as a living entity to be interacted with, to be influenced by, to leave your imprint on, something that you let yourself drown in or be washed ashore by! Through channelising the energy and wisdom of the young and old, the yin and yang of men and women, we are creating KUCH KHAAS.

The cultural activities, for us, are a means to an end; our objective is to encourage creativity, civic-mindedness, intellectual discourse, a healthy lifestyle, learning in different fields including languages, music and arts and craft. We are interested in folk culture, education and literature. Our events cover a comprehensive range of topics and interests.


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