The Auratnaak Show - Kuch Khaas

The Auratnaak Show is a group of women that do standup comedy, lead by the hilarious and super talented Faiza Saleem and this was their first show in Islamabad, organized and sponsored by Kuch Khaas.Their catchline is "Do not underestimate the physical prowess of five women who are unhappy with the world" and this was them taking on Islamabad with aplomb!#auratnaak #kuchkhaas #islamabad

Posted by Kuch Khaas - The Centre for Arts, Culture & Dialogue on Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Auratnaak Show 2016

Kuch Khaas has always been about promoting and nurturing talent.The Auratnaak Show is a multi-talented group of women from Karachi that do standup comedy. This was their first show in Islamabad and we’re proud to have been the first ones to bring them all the way here.