This Biryani Tastes Funny Tour – Jeremy McLellan

South Carolina comic Jeremy McLellan became a staple at festivals/events around the world and we got him here to perform in Pakistan, getting into the nitty-gritty of our infamous national biryani with a Kuch Khaas show “This Biryani Tastes Funny” across Lahore and Islamabad.

Based in Charleston, SC, Jeremy won the 2015 and 2016 Charleston Standup Comedy Competition and was named Best Local Comic in the Charleston City Paper. In addition to telling jokes all over the country he has also performed with TJ Miller, Todd Barry, Tig Notaro, Mark Normand and others. His material covers a wide range of topics like politics, gender, race, disability, religion, and Santa Claus. McLellan is known for often writing about his love for biryani and his humourous commentary on American politics, immigration, Islamophobia and race. His understanding of Islam, diversity of Muslims and Pakistani culture has made him popular among Pakistanis and it’s not uncommon to see a myriad of comments from Muslims and Pakistanis on his Facebook status updates.

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