Tribute to Mehdi Hassan

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Mehdi Hassan, famously know as ‘The King of Ghazals’. He was the leading film singer of his time and one of the most famous artist of South Asia. His ghazals are still famous and his voice lives in our hearts. Kuch Khaas invites you to an evening of tribute to this late Legend by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. Sultan Fateh Ali Khan belongs to the famous Patiala ‘gharana’, a family which has produced several generations of reknowned classical singers. He is the son of the famous maestro Ustad Fateh Ali Khan and nephew of the late Ustad Amanat Ali Khan. Ustad Fateh Ali Khan has performed in countries all over the world. He is currently residing in Islamabad, where he teaches classical singing in the PNCA as well as at Kuch Khaas.