“What are the Holy Cows in the Pakistani Media”

Kuch Khaas had put together a dialogue with an informed public to begin to understand the reality and the limitations of our free media. Many consider the electronic and print media in Pakistan as the fifth pillar of the State. Millions tune in daily to talk-shows between 7-11pm, and read the editorials in English and in Urdu, as a result avidly listen, learn, and believe what is being discussed are the issues of the nation. Nevertheless there are multitudes of issues, topics, perspectives that are absent, or perhaps less directly raised in these columns and shows. What are these issues and why is that the case? We expect our ‘opinion makers’ to be super human, perhaps that too is problematic? Lets see what some of our leading anchors in the print and electronic media think and why is that the case? Is there perhaps a middle way in breaching this gap? As a result, what are the ‘holy cows’ in the Pakistani media? Has anything changed in the past 10 years? On the panel: Fahd Husain: Anchor “Pakistan Tonight” on ARY News. Columnist at Express Tribune. Farrukh Khan Pitafi: Anchor “Capital Circuit” on News One. Columnist for Daily Express and Express Tribune. Mohammad Malick: Editor of The News, Islamabad. Saleem Safi: Anchor “Jirga” Geo TV. Writes for Daily Jang (Urdu) and Daily The News (English). Wajahat S Khan: Anchor “Ikhtilaf” on Aaj TV; Correspondent with NBC; Contributor to The Friday Times.