Who Needs Feminism?

The rising question is whether “We NEED FEMINISM OR NOT”? And how do we deal with anyone labeled as a Feminist or perhaps we need to recollect the ideal data that truly denotes to the concept of feminism in reality. Feminism has been utterly misunderstood and denigrated regularly in this era of modernization, this is what we are out to change . We are holding “Who needs feminism” campaign in kuch khaas premises on International Women’s Day. About “Who Needs Feminism”: The original pioneers of WNF are the 16 women of professor Rachel Seidman’s Women in the Public sphere course at Duke university. They have decided to fight back against these popular misconceptions surrounding the feminist movement. Their class was disturbed by what we perceive to be an overwhelmingly widespread belief that today’s society no longer needs feminism. In order to change this perception, they have launched a PR campaign for feminism. The goal of this project is to decrease negative associations with the word that would keep anyone from identifying with the movement. Following is the Who needs feminism website link: http://www.whoneedsfeminism.com/about.html About Who Needs Feminism Photo shoot at Kuch Khaas: Hanging all over Kuch Khaas this Friday and Saturday would be posters featuring people from different backgrounds and cultures, each of them asserting of WHY THEY NEED FEMINISM. All men and women are invited to participate. What makes an individual different from those who say, “Oh yeah, I support women’s rights, but I’m not a feminist or anything” is that supporting feminism is not a scary thing to them. This campaign is for everyone who wants to bring change in the mindset of people and we will be giving a platform to voice your opinions regarding it.